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About WSQ

WSQ, or the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications, is a national credentialing system that trains, develops, assesses and recognizes adult workers for competencies they need to stay employable. Based on standards developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and various industries, WSQ ensures workers acquire skills needed by employers at the workplace. With clear progression pathways, workers can also use WSQ to upgrade their skills and plan their careers. As training and assessment are competency based, not academic-based, workers have to demonstrate the right competencies before they are certified. Experienced and competent workers however can opt for WSQ certification without training. WSQ is accessible to all workers, as its entry criteria are skills and knowledge, not formal qualifications. The quality of WSQ is assured by WDA, from the development of competency standards, accreditation of training providers to the award of its qualifications.


Benefits of Attaining the WSQ Qualifications

WSQ benefits everyone, including workers without academic qualifications. Individuals remain employable, have greater ability to perform their jobs better and can advance their careers through clear progression pathways. Businesses can continue to stay ahead of competition through better performance of their workers and higher productivity gains of higher skilled employees.


Progression and Career Pathways using the Qualifications

The Security WSQ provides pathways for advancement and career progression for all security personnel. A security officer or auxiliary police officer may be promoted to take on a supervisory role and he may be equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to manage his team of security officers and carry out his job effectively through the Security WSQ.

Similarly, a security supervisor rises through the ranks to become a Chief Security Officer and to a Security Operations Executive / Manager. By taking up the Diploma in Security Management, the security professional will be equip with the competencies necessary to take on new and added responsibilities. With good performance at work, he may even progress in his career and become a Security Manager.

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